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Copper plating

Copper plating has excellent electric conductivity and uniform electrostatic. This process is applied for primary coating of nickel and tin metal products and used to prevent carbonated.

Nickel plating

Nickel plating has characters such as hard, good color and protection of corrosion. This process is widely applied for anti-corrosion, decoration and primary coating of chrome and precious metal plating process.

Tin Plating

Tin is a relatively soft metal and tin plating is applied to moving parts and glands of machinery. It also has good solderability and excellent electric conductivity and is applied to electric contacts, terminals and connectors.

Silver Plating

Silver is the best electric and heat conductive metal and silver plating is widely applied to electric contacts and terminals.

Gold Plating

Gold is extremely chemically stable metal and has high anti-corrosive nature. It also has excellent electric and heat conductivity and low connection resistance.  Gold plating is increasingly applied to electronic and electric parts.

Zinc Plating

Zinc is widely used as the anti-rusting coating of iron. Zinc plating plus trivalent chrome plating increases corrosion durability.  Choice of yellow, black or clear color zinc plating is available and this process is best applied for decoration and distinguishing purposes.

Nickel-Chrome Plating

Chrome plating over the three layers of half-shiny, tri-chrome and shiny nickel plating gives excellent anti-corrosion and decorative characters.  This process is widely applied to such automotive parts as seat belts, shift levers and door fittings.

Plastic Plating

Metal plating gives plastic parts beautiful metallic appearance and heat protection. Plastic parts of ABS, PCABS and PPO can be metal plated. This process is applied to interior and exterior parts of automobiles, pachinko parts, water faucet parts, etc.


Insert Molding

Insert molding is to set pressing parts inside mold in advance and spout plastic materials around parts. We introduce the insert robot system for the stable quality and production.

Plastic Molding

Our long-time accumulated technique to give beautiful metal appearance to the products made by ABS, PCABS PPO, etc. This process is also available to multi-use plastic parts, engineering plastics, etc.





Plastic molding with dissimilar materials such as ABS and Pori-Carbonated in the same process is available. To use materials of different nature (plating and anti-plating nature) provides plating without masking, to reduce assembling process and to expand variation of decoration. We can propose variety of products using ‘double-molding’ and ‘plastic plating’.



Main office and Obu factory

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Higashiura factory
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